Thursday, April 20, 2006

Smokey the Scaredy Cat

Smokey, I 1st saw her at my void deck on 6th April 06. Beautiful smoky grey cat, sterilised & well fed. Think she was abandoned. One look at her I told myself she will not be able to survive here. A very timid cat being bullied by 3 community cats ard my blk, poor thing had to stay in the carpark. Next day, went back to look for her, not there. Next next day, she appeared so i fed her and left her there. Next Next Next day, she's not there. Finally on the 5th day, saw her being chased by the other cats, 'tak boleh tahan' oredi... took my carrier grab her and brought her to BF's home. Intention was to get her out of that dangerous place 1st and then decide what to do. Who knows... Mom of BF took 1 look at her and agreed to keep her! Yeah! So here she is safe from cars & cats.


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